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Goat Farm Construction in Chennai

Goat Farm Construction

    Goat farm products such as milk and meat are not only nutritious and easily digestible but are also a great source of regular income for the poor, landless and marginal farmers. It contributes immensely in rural economy and national income. Its meat and milk are cholesterol free and easily digestible. Goat farm milk is used for making different types of foods. They can produce milk, meat, skin, fiber and manure at the same time.


    Small sized animal, goats are very easily maintained and cared by women and children. For being a successful goat farm farmer, one needs to do some common tasks like, feeding, milking and caring. These tasks do not require much equipment, capital, labour or hard work. Their return of investment ratio is also very good. As goat farm farming business is very profitable, hence many government and non government banks are giving loans for starting this business.


    Goats don’t require a huge area for housing due to their small body size. They can easily share their living place with their owners or his/her other livestock animals. Adding to it, goats are very suitable for mixed farming with other domestic animals.


    Goats are not only very friendly and lovable in nature, but are excellent breeders too. You will be surprised to know that they reach sexual maturity within their 7-12 months of age and give birth to kids within a short time period. Also, some goat farm breed produces many kids per kidding.


    It is good to know that there is less risk even in drought prone areas for goat farm farming. It is not true in any other livestock farming business. Goats can be milked as often as required. This also prevents refrigeration costs and milk storage problems.


    Do you know that both male and female goats have almost equal value/price in the market? Well Yes! It is true. Also, there is no religious taboo against goat farm farming and meat consumption. Therefore, commercial goat farm farming business has developed a potential way of employment for unemployed people. Their meat has a huge demand and high price in the local and international markets. You can also consider exporting your products to the foreign countries for more profits.


    Goats are very much capable of adopting themselves with almost all types of agro climatic environments climate more than any other animals. Diseases are also less in goats as compared to other domestic animals.


    Due to this quality, goats are popularly called as the “foster mother of human”. Their milk is considered as the best milk for human consumption than any other species of livestock animal’s milk. The milk is low cost, nutritious, wholesome and easily digestible. In fact, all aged people from child to old can easily digest goat’s milk. Goat farm milk also has lesser allergic problems. It is also used as an Ayurvedic medicine for the people who are ailing with diabetes, asthma, cough etc.

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